January 27, 2023

Listening to Shunkohdo Jinsokukoh

There is a stillness to the early morning hours that is intensely serene and introspective. With the dew still wet upon the morning grass, a coolness that is refreshing and invigorating fills the air. The day is calm, peaceful, and placid as birdsong begins to break the silence and the world begins to stir. In Jinsokukoh, Shunkohdo has captured such a moment, embodying the serenity of the morning before the world wakes.

Described as lightly sweet, Shunkohdo Jinsokukoh cools the spicy tones of Indonesian Aloeswood with the sweetness of cinnamon and traditional spices. With sweet, spicy, and cool notes harmoniously balanced, and a pleasing after-note, Jinsokukoh is a captivating Aloeswood fragrance.

Jinsokukoh's milk chocolate colored stick is soft-spoken, lightly sweet, and subtly spicy. Notes of cinnamon and a cocoa powder like tone are temptingly close to the surface, yet remain shy and reserved. There is a spicy semi-sweetness to Jinsokukoh that is just out of reach, softly laying dormant in the unlit stick. Quiet and restrained, Jinsokukoh's unlit stick hints of what may await once lit.

Jinsokukoh's initial notes upon lighting are warm, sweet, and autumnal. There is a soft Aloeswood sharpness that mixes with a light cinnamon note to create a wonderfully muted quality to sweetened Aloeswood bitterness. With time Jinsokukoh's cinnamon note builds in coolness, remaining always reserved and gentle, never to the point of being overt or boisterous. This is a soft, quiet, and modest incense, gentle in its nature and light in its touch, displaying its nature elegantly with a practiced hand.

As Jinsokukoh's fragrance rises quickly and softly, it then unexpectedly cools, gently becoming light and airy. Soft Aloeswood bitterness balanced with a light cool cinnamon sweetness and earthy spiciness develops as the burn progresses. With time, a spicy dark roasted sharpness develops with a note of coffee and faint dark chocolate well in the distance. A sweet almost fruity note is playfully distant lending a lovely tart complement to Jinsokukoh's sweetness like the fragrance of cherry mixed in chocolate. Yet above all the cool cinnamon note rises in prominence, balancing the earthy Aloeswood tone and firmly establishing a gentle sweetness to Jinsokukoh's character.

As Jinsokukoh's quiet nature fills the space, there is an introspective peace that accompanies it's mix of soft sweetness, Aloeswood bitterness, and cool tones. Like the quiet of the early morning, Jinsokukoh is peaceful and ever subtle as it quietly wakes. Soft, gentle, and light, Jinsokukoh stirs a tranquility that would fit well within a morning routine of starting the day or when a lighter touch is desired.

Once its burn is complete, Jinsokukoh's after-note shifts, becoming more pronounced, sweeter, and takes on a somewhat floral quality. The bitterness of the Aloeswood experienced in the burn softens considerably almost to the point of evaporating into a cool mellow relaxed tone that is gentle and pliable. With a lovely light sweetness that has at times softly floral, transparently fruity, or even a slight dark chocolate tones, Jinsokukoh's after-note is lovely and uplifting.

Some incenses are overt and powerful, advocating strongly for their wood bases and key notes. Others are transparent and effervescent in their openness and effortless presentation of their fragrance. In Jinsokukoh, Shunkohdo has struck a balance between the these two approaches, creating a lightly sweet Aloeswood fragrance that is soft, peaceful, and enjoyable like the serenity of the early morning.

Morning dew upon the grass.
Sun beaming beneath the trees.
Birdsong adorns quiet serenity.

Shunkohdo Jinsokukoh is available in the following sizes:
150-Stick Box