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In the time-honored traditions of Jinkoya Sakubei, Baieido has dedicated itself to making incense for over 300 years. The method and recipes have been handed down from generation to generation in an unbroken secret oral tradition. Baieido's ardent desire is to provide the true sacred aromas of only the purest high quality incense through the methods treasured since its establishment in 1657.

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Baieido logo

Located on Awaji Island, the heart of incense stick production in Japan, Baikundo has been manufacturing incense sticks since 1850. With a focus on developing products with a great regard for nature, health, and Japanese culture, Baikundo strives to make a substantial contribution to the fragrance culture of Japan.

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Daihatsu logo

Established in 1897, Daihatsu is renown for its relentless innovation of Japanese incense culture in both manufacture and the fusion of French perfumes with Japanese fragrant woods. Daihatsu motto is: The melody of western perfume and the rhythm of oriental wood combined to create incense that plays the wonderful harmony.

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Gyokushodo logo


Originally founded in Hiroshima, Gyokushodo located to Osaka soon after where is has been in business for over 200 years. Released in 1974, Gyokushodo's Kojurin continues to be one of Japan's most popular fragrances.

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Kida Jinseido logo

Located in the port city of Sakai just to the south of Osaka, Kida Jinseido is a member of the Sakai Incense Stick Industry Cooperative. Specializing in incense for both Buddhist ceremony and high-grade incense for listened for pleasure, Kida Jinseido is well known for their popular Kyarakunkoh Aloeswood incense.

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Kikujudo logo

Located on the western shore of Awaji Island near the fishing port of Ei, Kikujudo is a small incense manufacturer specializing in high quality incense based upon exceptional quality fragrant woods. Making full use of bot traditional and cutting-edge technology, Kikujdo provides high-quality products that meet the needs of their customers and contribute to society.

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Kunjudo logo

Located on Awaji Island, Kunjudo strives to create innovative contemporary fragrances, adding the essence of a new era to traditional incense culture. The pursuit of fragrance's potential has been the company's theme since its founding in 1893, blending new ideas and sensibilities with centuries-old traditions through a passion for creating fragrances for tomorrow. In the words of the current director, Kunjudo desires to spread serenity in people's hearts and deliver peace and happiness through fragrance.

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Kunmeido logo

Located in Sakai, the birthplace of stick incense in Japan, Kunmeido traces its founding to the Bunka 文化 era (1804 - 1818). With great pride in the fruits of centuries of effort, Kunmeido continues the family’s secret methods of creating fragrance refined through continuous improvement of traditional techniques. Kunmeido is most famous for their Reiryokoh 零陵香 line of incense which is used with morning and evening work at Daihonzan Eiheiji 永平寺. Meaning “The Temple of Eternal Peace," Eiheiji is one of Soto Zen's two main temples in Japan and was founded by Zen Master Dōgen in 1244.

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 Kyukyodo logo

Located near the main gate of Tensho-ji Temple in Kyoto, Kyukyodo was founded in 1663 by Kumagai Naozani as an apothecary supplying Chinese herbs and fragrant materials in front of the main gates of the temple district in Kyoto. The name "Kyukyodo" is from an ancient Chinese folk song which proclaims "the store is yours" to the doves nesting within its eaves, represented by the Kumagai family crest of two opposing doves used in Kyukyodo's distinctive logo. Known for the high quality of their incense, Kyukyodo strives to contribute to the world through preserving and nurturing traditional Japanese culture.

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