January 06, 2023

Listening to Seikado Meikoh Kyara

The Japanese are renoun for the stylized perfection of nature represented in their gardens. Filled with a luxuriance of green hues and textures, rather than static works of art Japanese gardens are meant to be strolled through, contemplated, and enjoyed, the view changing with the seasons, the time of day, and the position of the observer. The very same garden that offers peaceful vistas from afar will also offer intricate juxtapositions of textures up close. In Meikoh Kyara, Seikado has creates a masterwork in fragrance that takes on this spacial quality seen in the Japanese garden, changing its presentation relative to the listener to create an experience that is as mutable as it is magical.

Seikado's Meikoh Kyara is described as an exceptional blend of premium Vietnamese Aloeswood, Indian Sandalwood root, natural musk, and select aromatic ingredients. Rich and delightful, Meikoh Kyara exquisitely intertwines the beauty of rich wood and the uniqueness of natural musk into a fragrance that is an uncommon interpretation of the mysterious fragrance of Kyara.

Meikoh Kyara's stick note is scrumptious. Warm, spicy, earthy and rich, Miekoh Kyara's stick is filled with notes of cinnamon and clove, semi-sweet light floral, and a hint of maple syrup and green fruit well beneath its more prominent notes. The unlit stick is deliciously warm and inviting with a spicy feeling of autumn mingled with a light semi-sweet dark chocolate note. Rich and complex, Meikoh Kyara's unlit warm brown stick is delightfully enticing.

Once lit, Meikoh Kyara takes on a mix of dry sweetness and Aloeswood bitterness as its Vietnamese wood base awakens. As the burn deepens, a creamy milky sweetness is blended with a light floral quality that is soft, subtle, and quite graceful in its delicate presentation. But as the stick continues to burn down, the richness of its earthy Aloeswood comes to dominate its fragrance.

Dark, mysterious, and complex, notes of bitter Aloeswood and musky floral combine with its spices create a unified vista that is consistent in its obscurity. Meikoh Kyara is at once spicy, then not. Bitter, but yet semi-sweet. Floral, yet woody. Its overall fragrance seems at once simple enough to be well within grasp, and yet in the same moment so complex as to be indescribable. There is an ancientness to Meikoh Kyara's feel, with wisdom that is profound and often beyond reach, like ancient trees mixed within the garden stones, standing silently yet powerfully, giving up their secrets only through contemplation of the garden's beauty.

With time, Meikoh Kyara's fragrance expands, completely pushing the listening space outside of itself. Up close, it is light and semi-sweet with a slight floral overtone. From further away, it takes on a dark roasted quality with a rich coffee like bitterness that is strong and powerful. Even further away, Meikoh Kyara is spicy, with a cinnamon-like sharp sweetness, the supporting spices placing the sharpness of its Aloeswood in check. There is a strong vertical quality to Meikoh Kyara as well, with the fragrance shifting as one elevates relative to the burning ember of the stick; soft, elegant, and lightly sweet lower to rich creamy bitterness with an almost roasted marshmallow higher. This would be a unique stick for use with active meditation that involved movement as Meikoh Kyara's presentation would shift continually like the view while strolling through a garden.

Following the pattern of the burn, Meikoh Kyara's after-note maintains the strong Aloeswood bitterness while alight. Even after being consumed, Meikoh Kyara is rich, earthy, and powerfully bitter. Many of the notes in support seen in the burn soften and fall out of awareness as a creaminess is added tempering the bitterness in an exquisitely woody after-note that is far reaching. Several hours later, its after-note is still evident, Meikoh Kyara shifts to a light spicy sweetness with a slight savory saltiness that remains transparently in the space.

Rich and woody, Seikado Meikoh Kyara has a unique spacial quality that alters its fragrance relative to the position of the listener and a superbly and mutable long lasting after-note. A garden of fragrance, Meikoh Kyara is a delight for the Aloeswood connoisseur to stroll through.

Moss upon the withered stone
Soft and green from afar
Gnarled with age in the sunlight.

Seikado Meikoh Kyara is available in the following size:
70-stick box, traditional length