Incense by Key Note



The pinnacle of fragrant woods, Kyara is a rare and precious jewel of the forest. Exceeding rare and vanishing from its natural habitat, the highest quality Kyara possesses both exceptional fragrance as well as a spiritual nature. The Kyara incense in this group follows two approaches. One represents the finest Kyara available in incense form, with a price to match. The second appreciates the reality of this vanishing resource and seeks to pay homage to the mysteriously exquisite fragrance of Kyara through blended incense approaches with more economical results.

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Highlighting the rich and earthy key notes of Aloeswood, a rare and wonderful gift of fragrance given by nature, this category features Aloeswood-based incenses highly prized for Aloeswood's luxurious fragrance. Kyara, the rarest and most prized of fragrant woods, is worth more per ounce than gold and considered the pinnacle of Japanese incense.

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Sandalwood incense


Prized for its warm, smooth, and creamy fragrance, Sandalwood has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies and mediation practices. Highlighting its relaxing properties, Sandalwood is thought to increase focus during mediation by creating a deeper relaxed state. Enjoy the smooth, sweet, and creamy key notes of Sandalwood incense highlighted in this category.

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Aloeswood-Sandalwood Blends

Aloeswood-Sandalwood Blends

Aloeswood-Sandalwood blends focus their key note on their blended wood base. In these blends the sharpness and earthiness of Aloeswood is expertly balanced with the smooth creaminess of Sandalwood, creating unique and exquisite fragrance profiles. Although these blends often include other fragrant ingredients, it is the key notes of their blended fragrant woods that make these incenses some of the most popular fragrances available.

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Cypress Incense


Used widely for purifying spaces thanks to its clean, crisp, and evergreen key notes, Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) has been used for centuries to build imperial palaces, temples and Shinto shrines and is considered sacred to the Japanese. The sweet evergreen note of Hinoki is an ideal natural air freshener, and the fragrance released is believed to both stimulate and relax the mind, calming and focusing the intellect while reducing stress and fatigue.

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Mainichikoh (Daily)

Intended for daily use, mainichikoh incense is often affordable and available in larger quantity packages. But don't let mainichikoh's work a day reputation fool you. Many mainichikoh fragrances are highly regarded and often provide a fragrant experience well beyond their price point. Perfect for daily use in meditation or just for relaxing after work, the incense in this group is perfect for every day enjoyment.

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Traditional incense


Featuring key notes of spices such as Cinnamon, Clove, Borneol, Benzoin and other traditional aromatic ingredients in a fragrant wood base, these blends of traditional incense are often family secrets or direct decedents of fragrances that graced the Imperial Courts many generations ago. Luxurious, multi-faceted, rich and wonderful, these incenses will delight and inspire you with their traditional spirit.

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Floral Incense


The soothing fragrances of lavender, jasmine, rose, and other bouquets provide the perfect key notes for restoration, relaxation, and tranquillity. With such luxurious  fragrance, these Japanese incenses will bathe your spirit in luxurious peace and serenity.

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Sweet Incense


With sweet, fruity, caramel, floral, or chocolate key notes, or delightful combinations of several of these notes at once, incense in this category range from soft and sweet to decadently rich and luxurious.

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Spice Incense


With sharp key notes featuring spicy wood tones, classic aromatic resins, or fragrant ingredients like Patcholi, these unique blends of spices take prominent roles within their fragrant wood bases to help you revive and focus. Enjoy the auspicious warming spirit of these rich, soothing, and invigorating spice fragrance blends.

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