About Kikoh

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Kikoh is a combination of "ki" meaning "spirit" and "koh" the Japanese word for incense. Read traditionally right to left, together they mean "aroma". But there is more to incense than just its fragrance. One of the three classical Japanese arts, Koh-do (literally translated as "the way of fragrance") involved moving beyond just the sense of smell to "listening" to fragrance with the whole body and soul. This spirit of incense at the heart of Kikoh.

We burn incense in the spirit reflecting our intentions. The spirit of sitting in meditation. The spirit of creating tranquility. The spirit of focusing energy. The spirit of giving. The spirit of enjoyment. The spirit of honoring ancestors and loved ones.

At Kikoh, our intention and our challenge is to honor the spirit of master Japanese incense makers, many of whom have a long heritage measured in centuries of practice.

We are a small family owned and run business that has its humble beginnings in 2017 - a far cry from our centuries old Japanese partners whose incense products we love and offer here. But everyone has to start somewhere, and our journey to serve your needs for exquisite Japanese incense has only just begun.