About Kikoh

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On October 7th, 2017, after over a year of planning, design, and development, we were proud and excited to launch Kikoh Incense. At the time Kikoh carried the three most well known Japanese brands available in the US, and we were very grateful for their support as we started up. Now Kikoh carries 16 brands and 500+ products from the most well known incense manufacturers across Japan.

Kikoh is a combination of "ki" meaning "spirit" and "koh" the Japanese word for incense. Read traditionally right to left, together they mean "aroma". But there is so much more to incense than just its fragrance. One of the three classical Japanese arts, Koh-do (translated as "the way of fragrance") involves moving beyond just the sense of smell to "listening" to incense with the whole body and spirit.Such reverence for incense at the heart of Kikoh.

We believe strongly that the experience with incense begins long before the incense is burned. At Kikoh, our intention and our challenge is to honor the spirit of master Japanese incense makers, many of whom have a long heritage measured in centuries of practice. Hence, everything from our ordering experience, the way we wrap and package our products, to our product display and description is geared to making the experience purchasing incense from us a special one.

As a family owned and operated business with its humble beginnings in 2017, Kikoh is in its infancy compared to our centuries-old Japanese partners whose incense products we love and offer here. But the journey along the Fragrant Path, as we refer to it, has to start somewhere, and our journey to serve your needs for exquisite Japanese incense has only just begun.