February 17, 2023

Listening to Shunkohdo Fuji no Hana

Between 1890 and 1891, the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet set to work on his first series of paintings. In these masterpieces, Monet employed his impressionist style over various times of day and seasons to a single subject - stacks of wheat. Up close, his brushstrokes a were a range of impressionist colors, seemingly randomly on the canvas. Yet viewed from a distance, Monet's impression of the summer sun, winter snow, or the light of golden hour at sunset proved to be both ground breaking and breathtaking. In Fuji no Hana, Shunkohdo replaces Monet's brush strokes with fragrant notes that together provide the impression of the beauty of wisteria in bloom like a fragrant Monet.

Described as an impression of the sweet fragrance of wisteria, Shunkohdo Fuji no Hana features a bright floral sweetness floating above a sandalwood base. Mixing an elegant Japanese perfume note with the calming sweetness of Sandalwood, Fuji no Hana gives the delightful impression of fresh wisteria glossy with morning dew.

Fuji no Hana's deep purple stick is delightfully sweet and creamy. Lovely sweet cinnamon notes mingle with a smooth vanilla like warmth that is delightfully enticing and comforting. Well in the background there is a light faint fruit note of citrus that adds a touch of sweet sourness. Fuji no Hana's unlit stick is warm, comforting, and joyous, giving the impression of a lovely delicious treat soon to come.

Alight Fuji no Hana starts with a cool breeze with an almost fruity note to it. Warm sweetness of cinnamon and vanilla seen in the unlit stick then builds quickly, enveloping the space in a lovely reassuring soft sweet tones. Creamy Sandalwood tones provide the base as a spicy vanilla warmth continues to grow and dominate Fuji no Hana's fragrance.

In time Fuji no Hana's notes merge, combining into an lightly floral fragrance that is elegant, welcoming, and satisfyingly sweet. As the burn continues, this cool floral note develops a powdery quality that is soft, elegant, and reassuring, mixing both floral and fruity sweetness into on delicious fragrance. Although the warm sweet creaminess experienced at the start of the burn continues, Fuji no Hana's floral aspect now moves to the forefront, elegantly expressing itself like a flower coming into bloom. The transformation from warm sweet creamy Sandalwood to light Japanese floral is wonderful to experience and a very enjoyable surprise as it occurs rapidly and unexpectedly. Where once there was a delicious confection, the fragrance becomes a raft of flowers opening in the morning sun, shifting quickly like morning shadows.

With time this floral quality takes on a lighter, cooler tone, like a morning breeze through the blooms. The cinnamon creaminess continues beneath this, anchoring the fragrance to awareness like the wisteria vine's connection to the earth. The cool expansion of Fuji no Hana's fragrance is light, refined, slightly powdery, and very enjoyable; as if one had strolled into a garden path overhung with wisteria's deep purple flowers in the early morning.

Fuji no Hana's after-note softens, remaining cool while adding a light fruity note to its floral sweetness. The creaminess and cinnamon notes from the burn continue, but now in support of its cooler tones. With time, the coolness begins to fade and the warmth of the unlit stick returns, softly and sweetly like a memory of passing a bakery on the way home. Throughout, a light floral note continues to drift above, building in light translucency, like a pleasant daydream memory of time spent in the garden. In time a powdery quality develops within the light floral sweetness with a delightful subtle fruity quality. Fuji no Hana's after-note is enduring and superb.

Delightfully sweet, with light floral notes mixed with cool overtones and Sandalwood creaminess, Shunkohdo Fuji no Hana is refreshing, comforting, and a thoroughly enjoyable impression of Japanese floral incense.

Sweet blossoms
Cascading in the morning sun
Such lovely refreshment.


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