December 02, 2022

Listening to Kikujudo Koboku Ginmi Indonesian Sandalwood

In the rough and rugged countryside where civilization ends and nature takes over you will find the kingdom of the Wild Things. Here you'll hear their terrible roars, see their terrible claws, and the rolling of their terrible eyes. And once the Wild Rumpus starts, you'll see the Wild Things express their true nature, uninhibited by rules or expectations of what they should be. It is here, in a wild and woolly experience, that Kikujudo provides a glimpse into the true nature of fragrant wood as their Koboku Ginmi Indonesian Sandalwood lives among the wild things.

Part of Kikujudo's Koboku Ginmi series of pure wood fragrances, Kikujudo's Indonesian Sandalwood is described as a unique mix of Sandalwood from Indonesia carefully selected by region of natural origin and presented as close to its natural form as possible. Blending unusually sour and bitter tones superbly balanced with a traditional semi-sweet Sandalwood note, Kikujudo's Indonesian Sandalwood is a wonderfully unique woody fragrance that is as refreshing and invigorating as it is wild and untamed.

Koboku Ginmi Indonesian Sandalwood's stick is very nearly silent, owning to it's roots as a pure as possible representation of Indonesian Sandalwood's true nature with nothing else added. The light tan stick is soft, pliable, and more flexible than a typical Sandalwood stick. Although quiet, the stick is not entirely mute, with distant soft creamy notes hovering transparently about the stick. Subdued with only a barely noticeable soft creamy sweetness that is evident like a whisper in the listener's ear, Kikujudo's Indonesian Sandalwood stick is defiantly quiet.

Upon lighting Koboku Ginmi Indonesian Sandalwood's initial note is rich, powerful, and sour. Unlike typical Sandalwoods that are smooth and tranquil, this Indonesian Sandalwood is wild and free, exhibiting its wonderfully youthful, rough and natural side. With time the fragrance moderates somewhat as a semi-sweet creaminess develops that is rich and wonderful, but always with an unexpected untamed sour woody nature to it. Typical Sandalwood sweetness here is turned sharper with a caramelize edge to it. It's creaminess less smooth and mellow, and instead more toasted and energetic. Combined, they create a strongly woody and raw fragrance that is free and uninhibited.

With time the fragrance continues to soften and open, becoming lighter and cooler. A lovely rich woodiness develops that is transparent and deep. The wildness of the start of the burn becomes more familiar, friendly, and welcoming. The soft sweetness of its creamy base deepens, retaining the toasted quality experienced earlier, but now with more dry sweetness tinged with sourness. Wonderfully caramelized, the rich dry sweetness is both warm, toasted, and slightly nutty. Koboku Ginmi Indonesian Sandalwood's wild nature is still evident, but now more approachable like a curious friend.

As the listener becomes more comfortable with Koboku Ginmi Indonesian Sandalwood's unique richness, notes begin to appear like character traits that were keep hidden until it was known they were safe to express themselves. At first there is a seared rich bitterness that hangs at a distance that defies description. Then a menthol or mint like note that is strangely both cool and warm, opening and expansive. And finally a note reminiscent of a distilled spirit with turpentine characteristics; cool, expressive, and strangely sweet and sour. Individually exotic, together they form a rich raw woodiness that is a uninhibited expression of the great depth of Kikujudo's woody Indonesian Sandalwood.

Koboku Ginmi Indonesian Sandalwood's after-note is subdued and richly woody. The exotic woodiness of the burn is compressed to a softer and quieter woodiness that has a transparent dry sweetness with a light sourness. In time a tangy quality that is deeply woody develops, like that of fresh worked wood at a cabinet maker's workshop. The wood note here is undeniable, rich, and luxuriously deep.

Once you become accustom to the terrible roars, the terrible claw, and the rolling of it terrible eyes, Kikujudo's Koboku Ginmi indonesian Sandalwood is a unique and wondrous experience. Once the wild rumpus of its fragrance begins, hold on for a unique and wonderful experience!

Autumn winds howl
Mighty oaks shudder
dropping their acorns at its fierceness.

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