November 17, 2022

Listening to Yamadamatsu Hyofu

Fundamental to life, water is the most powerful element on the planet, yet can also be soothing and tranquil, inspiring dreams filled with peace and relaxation. To be near water is to experience the power of the ocean, the rejuvenation of a waterfall, or the deep peacefulness of a still mountain pool. By capturing the impression of water in an expansive and delightful blending of Vietnamese Aloeswood and Frankincense, Yamadamatsu in Hyofu has created a fragrance that of remarkable transparency and considerable depth.

Part of Yamadamatsu's High-Grade incense line, Hyofu is an example of Yamadamatsu’s ability to create a distinctively alluring fragrance from a select Vietnamese Aloeswood base blended with premium Frankincense. Refreshing and delicate, Hyofu is a prime example of the extraordinary qualities of premium Vietnamese Aloeswood floral and Frankincense citrus tones.

Hyofu's chocolate colored stick is weightless, slightly citrus, and with overtones of a watery melon quality that is intriguing. A slight sweetness with an earthy quality exists almost as an afterthought, softly whispering from the background to provide a grounding quality to the dreamy lightness of its citrus. Hyofu is a quiet stick, with all its tones kept close to the vest, gently displaying its restrained and reserved nature in a demonstration of aristocratic calmness and power held in reserve.

Hyofu alight begins with a warm spicy note, relaxed and semi-sweet. As the stick warms, soft notes of sweet-sour citrus rise as Hyofu's Frankincense awakens. An immediate transparency develops with the citrus notes, light and effortless, enveloping the listener within its fragrance like an awaking of insight or the clear tone of a bell. With time semi-sweet earthy notes with a light floral tone whisper of the Vietnamese Aloeswood at Hyofu's base. Throughout however, the blending of the citrus and woody notes remains quiet, reserved, elegant, and subtly powerful.

In time, a quality develops that is fluid, graceful, and deeply tranquil like water -  cool, still, calm, and deep. Hyofu's transparency continues to grow until the fragrance and the listener are enveloped together as if within a still pool of crystal clear spring water. There is an expansive quality to Hyofu that is relaxing and soothing, softening the mind with its subtle and gentle nature. All the while the soft notes of gently floral Aloeswood and tart citrus Frankincense playfully sway together softly in a dreamlike display of soothing comfort. This is a fragrance that is easy to daydream within, floating away softly like drifting reflections upon the surface of a cool spring pool as the clouds roll by and the wind gently rustles the tree leaves above.

There is an absolute beauty to Hyofu that is ineffable and beyond fragrance. Feelings of serenity, calm, and expansion all become present with attentive listening. Hyofu's water-like quality is utterly unique, defying being sourced from a burning stick, producing the impression of being near peaceful cool water.

Hyofu's after-note continues the transparency of its fragrance, adding a cool almost minty refreshing quality. The citrus notes of Frankincense continue to develop as the melon tones from the unlit stick returns. There is an ethereal beauty to Hyofu's after-note that is elegant, soft, and graceful, yet highly secure in its power as it rests calmly upon the space. Cool, relaxing, and tremendously soothing, Hyofu's after-note is remarkably enjoyable like a cool breeze across a lake on a summer evening.

A surprising blend of Frankincense and Vietnamese Aloeswood, Yamadamatsu's Hyofu is soft, cool, slightly sweet with overtones of tart citrus and gentle floral woods. It's expansiveness and watery qualities are as soothing and transporting as they are unique. Hyofu is a remarkable incense to spend some time sitting beside as if it were a pool of still deep cool water.


Autumn's red reflected
on the water's surface

their shadows dancing in the depths below.

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