February 24, 2022

Listening to Daihatsu Taganohana

Often old friends are like well worn shoes - comfortable, easy, and rarely surprising. But sometimes some of the best friends in life are the ones that go beyond what is expected and comfortable, spicing the relationship with surprise and delight. In Daihatsu Taganohana we are treated to just such a friendship. What starts as a comfortable Sandalwood-Cinnamon blend develops into a fragrance of depth and surprise beyond its traditional roots.

Daihatsu describes Taganohana as providing a twist to the usual Sandalwood-Cinnamon blend by including the elegant and unexpected tart sweetness of Star Anise. The result is a wonderfully spicy fragrance with added depth and richness unexpected for a traditional Sandalwood-Cinnamon stick.

For a Sandalwood-Cinnamon blend, Taganohana's stick-note is unusual. The light brown stick is soft and subtle, presenting a leathery cologne note that is sharp and slightly cool. There is a sweet note of cinnamon well into the background that makes its presence know very subtly. Taganohana's stick is earthy and grounding, with a slightly sour masculine fragrance; a surprising fragrance profile for a Sandalwood-Cinnamon blended stick.

Once lit, Taganohana begins by behaving in what would be expected from a Sandalwood-Cinnamon blend. The burn begins with a soft sweet and creamy Sandalwood note. The sweetness of the Cinnamon rises, taking over with a warm sweetness that blends well with the creaminess of the Sandalwood base in a lovely brown note. At first, Taganohana seems to go to plan, with a wonderfully comfortable, traditional semi-sweet and creamy Sandalwood-Cinnamon fragrance.

But as the burn continues, Taganohana mellows, taking on greater depth and richness. There are sharp woody notes that remind of a spicy Aloeswood, adding another dimension to the smooth creaminess of the Sandalwood. Then blending with the woody notes, a dry tart sweetness of Star Anise builds providing a pleasantly unexpected surprise. Sweetness, creaminess, tart, and spicy wood all blend together into a fragrance of rich depth and unexpected character that is calm, relaxing, and reassuringly confident.

There is something refreshing and exciting about Taganohana. The fragrance itself is both calming and invigorating. Perhaps it is Taganohana's surprising nature - a mixture of smooth and creamy, cool and tart, and still yet in the background woody and rich. Perhaps it is the juxtaposition with a traditional favorite. Regardless, Taganohana is wonderfully relaxing, calming, and richly rewarding.

As the burn deepens further, a rich earthy and cool note develops, mixing with the subtle tart sweetness. The malleable nature of Taganohana itself is enjoyable, as the fragrance comes is smooth waves, often from slightly different note combinations, giving the listener incentive to sit back and enjoy its fragrance mindfully.

Once extinguished Taganohana's after-note cools quickly. The spiciness experienced during the burn settles into a soft easiness, filled with a tart coolness. The creamy Sandalwood note remains, but as a background now to the cool tart top note that hangs in the air like plum blossoms on a gentle late winter breeze. Over time the tartness fades, leaving the hints of a Sandalwood note that retires gently into the background.

There is nothing wrong with a well worn comfortable pair of shoes. There is a reason Sandalwood-Cinnamon blends are so common - they are comfortable and easily enjoyable. However, in Daihatsu Taganohana we are treated to a twist on the traditional well loved Sandalwood-Cinnamon blend, lending surprises in the form of a spicy, creamy, sweet-tart fragrance that has wonderful depth, richness, and calm.

A garden
viewed hundreds of times
each day new again with dew.

Daihatsu Taganohana is available in the following sizes:
55-Stick presentation box
150+ Stick Golden Taganohana