January 24, 2022

Listening to Daihatsu Tokusen Tanka

Some individuals in life just exude an attractiveness in a way that seems effortless. They draw people to their magnetic personality like a moth to a flame, reveling in the presence of such charisma. Daihatsu's Tokusen Tanka has this innate allure to it, exhibiting a fragrance that exudes an atmosphere of effortless elegance mixed with French sexuality.

Daihatsu's Poem of the Four Sisters (Tanka 4 Shimai) series floral incenses are fragrances of a beautiful era where perfumes imported directly from France blend with ancient Japanese incense culture. Bold and seductive, Tokusen Tanka's combination of select fragrant woods and French perfume creates an exotic and unapologetically modern fragrance. Tokusen Tanka is the flagship fragrance in this line, and contains the most cultivated mix of select Sandalwoods and French perfumes that blend into a seductive flirtation of luxurious elegance.

Tokusen Tanka's stick note is soft, semi-sweet, and enticingly powdery. There is a light green floral note low in the background below the semi-sweet top notes that create an alluring mix of tones. A seductive slightly musky animalistic cologne lends to the mystery of the unlit stick, giving Tokusen Tanka's stick a life like quality filled with warmth and beauty. Overall it is the softness of the elegant powdery notes that dominates Tokusen Tanka's unlit green stick, setting the stage for its entrance with anticipation.

Once lit, Tokusen Tanka starts with a warm creamy Sandalwood note that is soft and subtle. Quickly this gives way to a smooth floral tenderness that builds subtly until the burn stabilizes. There are sweet cherry notes that dance about coyly peeking out between the floral notes, providing their sharp tart hits of sweetness within the smoother floral cream.

In time a fruitiness develops to the green sweetness, giving Tokusen Tanka's floral a remarkable depth and richness. Throughout the burn, the French perfume note rises steadily, blending with Tokusen Tanka's sweet fruitiness and creamy wood base, giving the overall fragrance a sweet creamy modern presentation. The powdery feel of the unlit stick builds along with the luxurious French perfume note, adding to Tokusen Tanka's delightfully playful light sweet touch.

Tokusen Tanka is soft, elegant, and effortless. A flirtatious modern floral fragrance, it delights in being just out of reach, rather than aggressive or forward. This is clearly a background fragrance, setting the stage for what happens in front of it. Notes of cream, floral, green, talc, and soft perfume dominate Tokusen Tanka, but still other notes hinting at mint or root beer make there way into the mix creating a delightfully soft sweet fragrance.

Tokusen Tanka's after-note shifts to a sweet perfumed modernity that is immediately dominant, denuding the creamy woody notes experienced while lit. Over time the cherry note seen sporadically in the burn resurfaces, lending a fruity-sweetness to the dominance of the perfume tones left behind. Easily overlooked, Tokusen Tanka's after-note is soft, gentle, and long lasting, rising in awareness upon returning to the space.

In the world of Japanese incense, floral incenses often are overlooked. Daihatsu's Tokusen Tanka's alluring fragrance makes this much more difficult to do.

The cardinal
alights on a branch
adorning its fresh snow.

Tokusen Tanka is available in the following sizes:
80-Stick box