Japanese Incense 101

With centuries of refinement, the art of Japanese incense is as rich as it is fragrant. The appreciation of Japanese incense has a learning curve that is as steep or as gradual as an individual's own tastes. Our Japanese 101 series is intended to help provide greater information and understanding as you progress along this fragrant path.

Japanese Incense 101:

  1. Koboku 香木- Fragrant Woods
  2. Traditional Spices
  3. Classic Aromatic Resins
  4. Aromatic Plant Materials
  5. Aromatic Roots
  6. Pungent Aromatics
  7. Rikkoku Gomi 六国五味 - Traditional Aloeswood Classification
  8. Mon-Koh 聞香 - Listening to Incense
  9. Kodo 香道, Kumiko 組香, and Genji-mon 源氏紋
  10. Making Senko (Stick Incense)
  11. How to Use Japanese Incense
  12. Japanese Koro and Holders
  13. Traditional vs. Modern
  14. The 10 Virtues of Koh
  15. Why Japanese Incense? Four Reasons