December 13, 2023

Listening to Kunmeido Fuji

There is a peace in the mountains. Hiking among the pines on the slopes of any alpine trail it is easy to find oneself relaxing, at peace with both nature and the mountain's quiet security around us. Fuji-san is the most revered of such mountains and a symbol of Japan. Seen in countless photos, Fuji is not only imposing, but utterly calm, stable, and serene in its powerful prescience. In creating Fuji, Kunmeido has tapped into this quiet serenity of the mountain for which Japan is known, creating a softly sweet calming aloeswood fragrance.

Relying upon ancient traditional wisdom, Kunmeido Fuji is a square stick with the mellow sweet fragrance of aloeswood. Described as a gentle and relaxing aloeswood fragrance, Fuji utilizes a square stick to more fully open its aloeswood fragrance, easily filling a space with its serene relaxing fragrance and long lasting after-note, creating a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Fuji's unlit stick is forest green, soft, and lightly sweet. HInts of cinnamon and an earthy soapstone are all that this silent stick reveals, like the view of the mountain from a distance. Gentle breezes and light floral notes sway in an out of awareness, hidden by the unlit stick. Soft and gentle, Fuji is a stick that waits to be lit before it gives up its full potential.

Once lit, Fuji comes to life with an earthy sweetness mixed with a tinge of aloeswood bitterness. The juxtaposition of the two contrasting notes creates a chord that highlights a warm toasted cinnamon note. Warm, rich, and slightly creamy, Fuji settles into a luxurious comfort of toasted sweet notes, light and soft in their presentation. Hints of smooth vanilla, sweet floral, earthy soapstone, and dark coffee enter the mix of notes, but always distant, fleeting, giving way to the toasted cinnamon top note.

Fuji is an incense at peace. Its fragrance is tranquil. Soft. Relaxing. There is a calming feeling that comes from listening to Fuji that is reassuring. Like the mountain, Fuji is unmoved, at rest, stable. A picture of a temple among the ancient pines on the side of the mountain, serene and peaceful. Fuji would make an excellent companion for meditation or mindfulness work, softening the mind and body as it allows one to drift within its fragrance.

Fuji's after note cools quickly yet retains a lovely toasted cinnamon note that is far reaching, pleasantly noticeable even in spaces adjacent to the burn. Hints of cherry tartness and floral sweetness are left swirling gently after the incense is consumed as a delightful surprise. Soft, gentle, and refined, Fuji's after note easily drifts to the background only to be delightfully discovered again when lost in moments of reflection. This is a lovely incense to return to, as reentering a space where Fuji was burned brings a gentle reminder of its prescience like a glimpse of the mountain through the trees.

Full, sweet, and calming, Fuji is an Aloeswood incense perfect for meditation or unwinding after a long day.

Reflected in the water
The mountain still before the sky
serenity above and below.

Kunmeido Fuji is available in the following sizes: