Usagi Moon Incense Plate

A golden moon and grass are highlighted on the night sky of a mat black plate, with a round white porcelain usagi (hare) to hold incense. This represents the story of the Buddha before he was incarnated as a man, his spirit was born as a hare. One day, the hare, a monkey, an otter and a fox are said to have vowed to do acts of charity on the day of the full moon. They had each gathered food their own liking as they set out to fulfill their vow. When they came upon a hungry man begging for food, each gave him their food to eat. However, since the hare had only grass, he threw himself upon the man's cooking fire so that he would not go hungry. Seeing this selfless act, the man revealed that he was a god, and saved the hare from the fire. He then took the hare to live upon the moon so that the hare's selflessness could be seen by the entire world for all eternity.

Please note: due to the uniqueness of all handcrafted and hand-glazed ceramics, variations in glaze colors and effects are possible. Due to this, the piece you receive may not exactly match the sample image.

Product Details

Size: Approximately 3.5" diameter
Material: Glazed Ceramic
Imported from Japan