Kyukyodo Mukusa no Takimonō - Ochiba Incense

Reminiscient of fallen leaves, Ochiba is a classic Japanese winter fragrance. By blending premium Aloeswood with clove, white musk, spikenard, and operculum, Ochiba creates an elegant woody fragrance perfect for the winter holidays.

Mukusa no Takimono Series (See All):
In 1877, in recognition of devoted community service and outstanding contributions to the Meiji government, Santomi Sanjo, then Grand Minister of the Meiji government and former imperial court noble, imparted secret incense blending formulas that had been in his family for over 900 years to Kyukyodo as their sole inheritor. Favored by the Imperial Household since the Heian era, these formula and preparation methods have been kept intact to this day, passing their secrets from heir to heir.

Representing the kneaded incense of the Heian Imperial Court in stick form, Kyukyodo’s Mukusa no Takimonō series is based upon these secret formulas. Representative of the seasons in six unique fragrances based upon premium all-natural ingredients, the Mukusa no Takimonō series is legendary for is wonderfully complex fragrances that can only be compared to exquisite kneaded incense from the era of Genji monogatari.

Product Details:

Key Note: Premium Aloeswood, clove, spikenard, musk
Stick Length: 2.25 inches
Stick Count: 20
Approx. Burn Time: 15 minutes