Auspicious Shochikuume Takaoka Copperworks Koro

This exquisite incense burner from Takaoka Copperworks features auspicious pine, bamboo, and plum legs supporting a substantial silver plated alloy body and intricate plum branch lid.

Long revered, pine, bamboo, and plum have been considered auspicious since ancient times. Japanese pines live to be hundreds of years old symbolizing immortality. Bamboo is a an evergreen plant that grows year round, its strong shoots growing quickly, symbolizing of vitality. Plums bloom in late winter even when covered in snow, and even ancient trees are capable of producing blooms despite winter snows symbolizing nobility and longevity.

Takaoka Copperworks traces its origins to the beginning of the Edo period and became world famous during the Meiji era after its exhibit at the Paris World's Fair. Takaoka Copperworks is characterized by beautiful cast surface and intricate delicate detail. Throughout the creation of each piece, a traditional engraver hand-carves the incense burner body, demonstrating the essence of skilled craftsmanship. With the passage of time, the surface expression deepens, and its true beauty and depths appears.

Product Details

Size: Approximately 4.25" wide x 5.5" tall
Material: Silver Plated Alloy
Imported from Japan