October 11, 2020

Welcome to the world of Japanese incense...

It's always gratifying when we hear that we've done right by our customers. We received this note from a recent customer, Sarah in Ohio:

I wanted to reach out and let you know how impressed I was from start to finish with my recent order. The world of Japanese incense is brand new to me and there wasn’t much information that I was able to find until I happened across your website. Your website is beautiful, easy to navigate, and so informative. After I selected my items and checked out, I think it was less than 45 minutes before I received an email notifying me that my order was fulfilled and shipping out. It then arrived two days sooner than I expected, beautifully packaged and with a free sample gift!

We always hear about it when we drop the ball, but we rarely hear about it when we do things right. And you did EVERYTHING right! Can't wait to order again! :)

Thanks Sarah! As always, it is our privileged to be able to meet our customer's needs. Welcome to the world of Japanese incense...