September 19, 2020

Shoyeido Selects - Enmei

Time is an illusion; an endless moment without beginning or end. In Zen Buddhism, enso, or circle, is one of the most often drawn calligraphy forms used to represent enmei's shining circle of life's longevity captured in an infinite moment of existence. In creating Enmei, Shoyeido draws upon Zen's concept of longevity to create an incense from which to contemplate the perfection that is the unending moment of our existence.

Part of its Selects line of fragrances, Shoyeido described Enmei in terms of it's Zen roots: "In Zen, the circle is a symbol of infinity and the perfect meditative state. Enmei's blend of premium sandalwood, clove, and cinnamon promotes serenity." Just like the unending circle it draws inspiration from, there is nothing obscured in Enmei - its three separate ingredients serve to produce a whole.

Enmei's stick is dominated by semi-sweet clove. There is a light powdery quality granted from its rich creamy sandalwood base. The cinnamon note is faint and quietly spicy. The stick is warm and comforting, reminding of an earthy treat for a cool fall day. The clove note is dominant and sets the tone for an earthy well grounded experience.

Alight, Enmei is warm, rich, earthy and lightly semi-sweet. As with the unlit stick, the clove note is quite dominant in its rich semi-sweetness. Nothing is hidden here or surprising. Enmei is, existing in the moment, leaving a calming warm feeling in its wake. The semi-sweetness of the clove with hint of distant spicy notes of cinnamon, blend nicely within the mellowness of the sandalwood, mixing earthy, semi-sweetness into a slight creaminess into an unending flow of unassuming  fragrance. But make no mistake - it is the warmth and richness of the clove that carries Enmei's fragrance, giving it a strong and confident low hum that is centering and encompassing.

There is something reassuring about Enmei's clove driven warmth. Like being absorbed in the moment, there is comfort and peace in its simple fragrance. Such simpleness, like living in the moment, can be quite reassuring and absorbing.

Once consumed, the clove note continues unabated, with both the warmth and earthiness deepening as they slowly fade. Enmei acutely permeates a space, grounding and softening the moment into one of comforting richness. An almost salty earthiness remains long after the stick is gone, leaving the feeling of something substantial that once filled the space. With its warmth, grounding, and richness, Enmei indeed would be a great incense for meditation and mindfulness practice.

Warmth of summer
Turning to coolness of fall
The cycle of seasons everlasting.