June 04, 2023

Listening to Kida Jinseido Kyarakunkoh

Known for its ancient Buddhist temples, Kyoto has over 1,500 temples to choose from, including fourteen of which that are UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the brilliance of the Golden Pavilion at Kinkaku-ji to the timeless dry garden at Ryoan-ji, to the ancient monastery of Enryaku-ji, temple incense can be found burning throughout Kyoto. Given the close ties between incense the Buddhism, the fragrance of temple incense is well known in the old capitol city. With Kyarakunkoh, Kida Jinseido has created a temple incense that is as sweet as it is popular.

A popular daily incense, Kida Jinseido describes Kyarakunkoh as "a masterpiece of Chinese medicinal incense that realizes the subtle and profound scent of the highest grade of Aloeswood by exquisitely blending more than ten kinds of Chinese medicinal fragrances." A delightfully warm cinnamon spice fragrance that is approachable, friendly and reminiscent of the temples of Kyoto, Kyarakunkoh is an enchanting daily incense.

Kyarakunkoh's stick is warm, soft, and quite sweet. With a bold cinnamon top note, and a soft earthy base like aged spiced wood, Kyarakunkoh is as much incense as it is a delight for the senses. There is a strong earthy quality to Kyarakunkoh's sweetness that is mellow and relaxing, like the ringing of a temple bell, deep and resonate. The mixture of spices is soft, sweet, and at times slightly powdery, with its cinnamon top-note always standing above the base notes in support.

Alight, Kyarakunkoh's spices come to life, bursting in fragrant unison with spiced sweetness like the chanting at temple morning service. At the fore remains the cinnamon note from the unlit stick, only now sweeter, clearer, more vibrant. As the stick warms, the cinnamon sweetness quickly moderates, becoming more mellow, softer, and smooth. Rising to meet the cinnamon is a soft earthy base that is warm, woody, and gentle. Notes of caramel, clove, maple syrup, and a rich earthy moss blend beneath the more prominent cinnamon to create a rich luscious depth and light powdery earthiness to Kyarakunkoh's sweetness.

Throughout the experience Kyarakunkoh's overriding tone remains one of rich sweetness. As the burn continues the fragrance opens further, its sweetness deepening, becoming more soft, polished, and smooth. A deep, rich luster develops to this polish that is quite soothing, calming the mind and body. The mix of spices blend into a light sweet caramelized warmth that is calming, gentle, and meditative. The notes seen at the start become one, unified within a lovely sweet relaxed fragrance that provides a mirror-less mirror from which to drift within daydreams, watching one's thought roll by like clouds crossing the sky.

Kyarakunkoh's after-note is luscious, long lasting, and mellow. The spiciness of the burn softens considerably, ripening into a mellow sweet earthiness that is comforting and soothing. The cinnamon sweetness seen alight becomes quieter, blending with a soft clove earthiness into a relaxing warm softness like a down comforter on a winter's night. Able to carry beyond the space in a delightful way, Kyarakunkoh's after-note is far reaching, enticing the listener to return to the burner to light another stick.

If you've experienced the temples of Kyoto, Kyarakunkoh will bring back a flood of memories. Soft, sweet, and with a engaging smooth mellowness, Kyarakunkoh is a wonderful daily incense perfect for welcoming guests, meditation, or relaxation within your own sacred space.


A thousand years,
a moment in time,
the same sweetness.

Kida Jinseido's Kyarakunkoh is availble in the following sizes: