June 25, 2023

Listening to Gyokushodo Kaze no Sho

There is something magical about golden hour in the countryside. Seeing fields of grasses mixed with wild flowers in the dying warm light of the setting sun, the wind rocking them back and forth in a loving dance, transfers to the viewer the meditative and relaxing response of being soothed as well. The peace and tranquility of nature arising in its most elemental form such as this gives us a glimpse into our own true nature. With Kaze no Sho, Gyokushodo gives us such a glimpse into Aloeswood's soothing true nature in the form of the element of wind.

Part of Gyokushodo's Kaori no Sho series representing the elemental form of its iconic woods, Kaze no Sho is described as "highlighting the clear crisp fragrance of Aloeswood in a sweet calming fragrance embodying the form of wind." A skillful blending of rich premium Vietnamese Aloeswood with the refreshing fragrance of musk, borneo camphor, and mellow Indian Sandalwood, Kaze no Sho is a delightfully subtle and calming fragrance with a superb long lasting after-note.

Kaze no Sho's unlit stick is dark, rich, and square, with a light invigorating evergreen sweetness like pines on a distant breeze. There is a sourness to this sweetness that has a floral quality almost like a refined perfume with a subtle and shy quality. Beneath this is a soft, warm, and spicy woody note that lends a base and contrast to the sweeter top notes. Kaze no Sho's stick-note is complex, light, and invigoratingly fresh and unique.

Upon lighting Kaze no Sho's initial note is warm, softly sweet, and with a mellow creamy wood quality to it. As the stick begins to burn down a sharp woody note with a sour bitterness develops, hinting at Kaze no Sho's Vietnamese Aloeswood base. Notes of sharp bitter tones mix with tangs of ripened grassy sourness bubble to the surface in waves like scents riding a spring wind, ebbing and flowing upon the breeze. Green notes enter the mix here as well, not quite evergreen and not quite citrus, they instead add crispness and alertness to Kaze no Sho's fragrance that is invigorating and uplifting.

Shortly behind this note a unique almost personable feeling slowly builds. Ancient and animalistic in nature, this unique note provides a feeling of being in the presence of another individual, with allusions to hints of perspiration mixing with soft elegant perfume. Blending with the soft sweetness and creamy wood qualities, Kaze no Sho takes on a uniqueness that is almost elemental and ethereal with a distinct presence of personality.

There is a unique quality to Kaze no Sho that is difficult to capture in writing. Mixing both creamy and sharp wood tones with a soft sweetness and sensuous notes, Kaze no Sho has a personality that goes beyond fragrance. When listening it presents the impression of being in the presence of another person akin to an elder grandfather figure, skin toned with age clothed in fine silk robes. Like a warm breeze over ripening fields of grain, Kaze no Sho has the feel of standing beside the lord of a rich estate in the evening light during the harvest season, grain waving in the breeze.

Throughout the burn, Kaze no Sho is light, soft, and ever so polite, exhibiting the fine manners of a refined stately noble. This is a fragrance that is gracious and accommodating, like fine hospitality offered to a traveler. Sour, spicy, and woody notes rise to attention like servants checking upon the needs of a guest, then quickly retreat to the background to not interfere the with the greater experience of the whole. Kaze no Sho is a wonderfully relaxing fragrance, taking care to put the listener at ease with its calming and attentive manner.

Kaze no Sho's after-note is wonderfully rich, creamy, and tart with soft sweet overtones. Soft creamy and lightly sweet notes mix with earthy sour-bitter Aloeswood tones effortlessly filling the space with a calming aura. Far reaching, the after-note easily fills the space of the burn and spills over into surrounding spaces in a delightfully soft and unimposing way. Kaze no Sho's after-note is long lasting, coloring the space it filled with a lovely sweet-tart Aloeswood note for hours after burning. With time the after-note shifts to a soft lightly sweet note with an alluring floral tone before unobtrusively fading away.

Soft, light, and wonderfully sweet and sour, Kaze no Sho provides a glimpse into Aloeswood's true nature riding upon the wind. A fragrant delight for the Aloeswood connoisseur, Kaze no Sho is wonderfully calming, relaxing and soothing, accompanying the listener on the journey to reveal one's own true nature.

The setting sun's soft light
upon the dancing fields.
Being is enough.

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Gyokushodo Kaze no Sho is available in the following sizes:
80-Stick Box
As part of the Kaori no Sho Gift Set