Shiro Shippo Kutani-Ware Koro

A body of shiro (white) Shippo pattern beneath Aochibu (blue dot) technique over a black background with golden cherry blossoms top this Kutani-Ware Koro (incense burner). A symbol of Budhism's seven treasures, the shiro shippo pattern illustrates the simplicity and clarity the incense within the koro may be used for.

For over 350 years, skilled Japanese artisans following in the tradition of Saijiro Goto, the first to fire pottery in the Kutani village of Kaga, have used five traditional colors in striking designs to produce world class works of fine porcelain. Today Kutani-Ware is world renown for the great skill of the talented artisans whose masterful hand glazing ensures that every piece of Kutani-Ware is an exquisite piece of functional art worthy of being treasured for generations.

Product Details

Size: Approximately 3.9" wide x 4.3" tall
Material: Glazed Ceramic
Wood Gift Box Included
Imported from Japan