Shoyeido Incense Road - Frankincense Incense

For their well-loved Nan-zan incense recipe, Shoyeido seeks out only the highest quality of raw frankincense available. Once you've tried this singular incense, we think you'll see why Shoyeido insists on using only the best natural frankincense resins. Simply superb!

For millennia, camel-driven caravans traced a 1,500 mile route between India and Egypt to trade in exotic frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and rare spices. This fabled passage would become forever known as the Incense Road. Shoyeido celebrates the immense history and romance of this ancient path with their purest incense blends!

Product Details:

Key Note: Premium Frankincense
Stick Length: 2.75 inches

Stick Count: 20
Approx. Burn Time: 20 minutes
Holder Included