Kenzan Matsu Kyo-Ware Koro

With a light white glaze washed over rich terra cotta base, the Kenzan Matsu Koro features snow on branches with pine needles accented in gold. Symbolizing longevity and good fortune, the pine has represented virtue and long life for centuries in Japan. Stunning in its simple complexity, this wabi-sabi koro is a wonderful example of refined rustic elegance and hand made perfect imperfection where each piece is unique.

Kyo-Ware represents ceramics fired in the Higashiyama area in the eastern hills of Kyoto famous for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa's Higashiyama culture where Japan's three main geido (arts of refinement), Chado, Kado, and Kodo, originated. As the area does not posses raw clay resources, Kyo-ware is known for blending the famous clays of other areas of Japan into rich and unique works of ceramic art, with each artist and kiln producing their own strong personality. With a rich history of over 1,200 years, Kyo-ware is well represented in tea ware, Ikebana, and incense paraphernalia, and prized for its unique beauty and innovative approach.

Please note: due to the uniqueness of all handcrafted and hand-glazed ceramics, variations in glaze colors and effects are common. Due to this, the piece you receive may not exactly match the sample image.

Product Details

Size: Approximately 3.5" wide x 3.25" tall
Material: Hand Painted Glazed Ceramic
Includes paper gift box
Imported from Japan