Gyokushodo Suzaku Incense

The god of the South, Suzaku’s graceful blending of Indian Sandalwood, cinnamon and traditional spices creates a fabulously indulgent fragrance that is both calming and long lasting. Sweet, spicy, and traditional, Suzaku is a graceful fragrance that is one of the most popular incenses of Gyokushodo’s Kojurin line. Wonderfully tranquil, addictive, and with a superbly long lasting after-note, Suzaku is a perfect choice for you daily rituals.

Product Details:

Key Note: Indian Sandalwood, Cinnamon, benzoin, camphor, spices
Stick Length: 5.5 inches
Stick Count: Approx. 110
Approx. Burn Time: 30 minutes

Incense Review: Listening to Gyokushodo Suzaku