Baikundo Bikun Hojun Hanamoji Kokorozashi Incense

Featuring a blending of the high quality aloeswood and sandalwood, Hanamoji Kokorozashi is made by combining generous amounts of these natural fragrant woods that have been prized since ancient Japan. Kokorozashi’s hanamoji represents an image of a dragon and the sun shining forth full of ambition to bring out the goodness of the world through its exquisite harmony of fragrance.

Bikun Hojun Hanamoji Series:
Released on February 22, 2021 during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Bikun Hojun Hanamoji series was conceived with a desire to usher in a better tomorrow and embody a desire for a harmonious and peaceful world through fragrance. Focused upon three keywords: prayer, gratitude, and connection, the Hanamoji series combined the appeal of incense with the power of letters forged through a connection via the internet.

Partnering with flower script calligrapher and artist Hoshi, a collaboration made through Instagram, the Hanamoji series combines fragrance with the auspicious motifs of decorative flower script typography originating in China. Drawn with a combination of auspicious motifs, these Hanamoji are thought to bring good fortune in Chinese culture. Made with high quality fragrant ingredients, and presented in a Paulownia wood box featuring Hanamoji that represent their fragrant themes of pray, healing, and connection, the Bikun Hojun Hanamoji series is a wonderfully thoughtful gift of fragrance to the world.

Product Details:

Key Note: Aloeswood/Sandalwood blend
Stick Length: 5.5 inches
Stick Count: Approx. 60
Approx. Burn Time: 25 minutes