Baieido Jinkoya Sakubei Horyu Koh

Baieido's Jinkoya Sakubei Horyu Koh is a gem of natural fragrance. It is a calming incense that combines premium Indonesian Aloeswood, Indian sandalwood, and traditional natural ingredients. Both the rich fragrance and the afternote are impressive and long lasting like the Phoenix and Dragon its name represents.

The incense in this series are based on original recipes of Jinkoya Sakubei, interpreted as faithfully as possible within modern practices by Maisachiro Nakata, chairman and master blender of Baieido.

During the Muromachi period (1338-1573), Kakuuemon Yamatoya became a wholesaler of medicinal herbs in Sakai City. In 1657, he renamed himself "Jinkoya Sakubei" and specialized in selling incense ingredients and incense sticks. "Jinkoya" (Aloeswood trader) was a name specific to Sakai, and only medicinal wholesalers who specialized in incense were authorized to use this name. Baieido traces it linage to this founder of the company. The Jinkoya Sakubei series is named in his honor and was first offered in 2007 on the 350th anniversary of the company.

Product Details:

Key Note: Premium Indonesian Aloeswood & Indian Sandalwood
Stick Length: 5.5 inches
Stick Count: Approx. 150
Approx. Burn Time: 30 minutes

Incense Review: Listening to Baieido Jinkoya Sakubei Horyu Koh