May 12, 2019

Listening to Shoyeido Nan-to Sandalwood

Sometimes, the most extraordinary things in life occupy the purest, simplest, and most plain forms. Unafraid to stand on their own, sharing themselves without embellishment to hide behind, there is both a simplicity and confidence in such rare purity. Shoyeido's Nan-to Sandalwood embodies such virtue: a clean, fresh, unadorned fragrance that celebrates its premium sandalwood base gloriously, confidently, and plainly.

Shoyeido describes Nan-to with one simple statement: "enjoy the sultry, silky incense experience of premium sandalwood." Part of Shoyeido's Pure Scents line, Nan-to Sandalwood is one of three premium fragrances in their Incense Road Collection that also includes Nanzan Frankincense and Nanshu Chai recipes. As the name of the line intimates, Nan-to is focused clearly on its pure premium sandalwood.

Nan-to's stick note is very Shoyeido - ever so slightly sweet with a hint of cream. The base of the stick is pure sandalwood, with its light, soft, and creamy tones superbly balanced. There is a subtle fresh cool green note to the stick that matches its color (or perceived because of it), providing the faintest of what reminds me of fresh mint leaves in the garden. But its the gentle slightly-sweet creamy sandalwood that carries the stick.

Lighted, Nan-to has a marvelous woody tone. Here the premium sandalwood really shines, with its deep, smooth, caramel-like texture repeated over and over in gentle woody harmony. As the stick is consumed, the soft sweetness of the sandalwood grows in depth and richness, providing a truly luxuriously experience focused on the sandalwood's rich singular note. Sandalwood lovers will enjoy this stick immensely, as will those searching for a fragrance that draws its strength from its simplicity. The creamy note of sandalwood grows in intensity and depth, but maintains its consistency from start to finish, the natural sweetness of the sandalwood gently filling the space. Throughout there is wonderfully delightful creamy woodiness and nothing more. Yet nothing is lacking, as Nan-to displays strong confidence through its simplicity.

Nan-to's after note is deep, creamy, and rich, with a lovely dominant note of sweetness that is both decadent and unobtrusive. This is truly a "100 paces" incense, as after the stick is consumed it's presence can be noted from a distance, easily and subtly filling even larger spaces. This would be an absolutely perfect incense for space work or scenting a home before a gathering of friends and family.

Sometimes only the purest of unadorned fragrance is required for an exquisite experience. This is indeed the case with Shoyeido Nan-to Sandalwood.

Shoyeido Nan-to sandalwood is available here at Kikoh.

Summer trees
Leaves in palettes of green
Simply adorned in beauty.