September 19, 2021

Listening to Daihatsu Good Fortune Sandalwood

I don't remember exactly how old I was the first time I was introduced to the S'more. All I can remember was being at a neighbor's house on a warm summer evening in my early elementary school years. The adults had a fire pit burning brightly in the backyard and my friends and I were enjoying playing with fire under their watchful eye. We roasted marshmallows and burned our mouths with great delight trying to eat the barely extinguished brown-crusted goo. Then one of the parents showed us how to smoosh the melted marshmallows between two graham crackers with bits of a Hershey bar added for good measure. For a little kid, the idea of burning stuff over an open flame, then sandwiching it with chocolate between crunchy cinnamon coated crackers was just heavenly.

It's forgotten moments brought back to mind like this that are one of the greatest gifts of Japanese incense. With its warm and creamy bouquet, Daihatu's Good Fortune Sandalwood was able to effortlessly return me to a moment in time in my childhood filled with great joy.

A staple of incense for centuries, a variation of Sandalwood incense is made by just about every incense manufacturer. Daihatsu describes the uniqueness of their Good Fortune Sandalwood incense as due to its careful selection of woods from the root of the Sandalwood tree. Daihasu highlights this as giving its Sandalwood a more "mellow" fragrance that is exceptionally rich and creamy.

Unlit the stick has a soft, sweet, powdery fragrance to it. Unlike other Japanese incense sticks that are quite rigid, the stick unusually soft and somewhat flexible. Everything about Daihatsu Good Fortune Sandalwood elicits softness, with a sweet overtone that excites the senses like a child passing a sweets shop.

Alight Daihatsu's Good Fortune Sandalwood warms gradually. Initially there is a warm toasty feeling akin to a summer bonfire. Then a sweetness builds in that rapidly takes on an almost cordial quality, like the powdery confectionery fragrance of a freshly opened bag marshmallows. At times there is a sharp note reminiscent of chocolate that mixes in delightfully with the creamy marshmallow note adding a hint of sharpness to the enjoyment. Throughout the powdery quality remains, giving Daihatsu's Good Fortune Sandalwood a light and soft feel that is open and spacious.

There is a decadence to Daihatsu's Good Fortune Sandalwood that is delightful, creating a feeling of richness and joy like a little kid experiencing a sweet for the first time. Soft, creamy, and with a powdery sweetness mixing with chocolate notes, Daihatsu's Good Fortune Sandalwood easily fills the space with a delicious fragrance evocative of S'mores enjoyed as a child. There is something warm and comforting about the fragrance, perhaps from a past memory, or perhaps from the softness of the fragrance.

Extinguished, Daihatsu's Good Fortune Sandalwood takes on a deeper rich creamy note, with a darker toasted quality to it. The powdery character of the burn fades rapidly, replaced with a mellow sweetness that brings to mind marshmallows no longer fresh from the bag, but toasted and melted ready for eating. The after-note is somewhat long lasting and far reaching, warming the space as it gently faded over several hours after the stick has been consumed.

Rich, creamy, soft, and sweet, Daihatsu's Good Fortune Sandalwood is a wonderful mix of marshmallow, chocolate, and powdery soft notes creating the perfect incense S'more. Decadent and pleasurable, it easily brings childlike joy to a space by warming the heart of the listener like a treat enjoyed at an end of summer bonfire.

Summer heat fading
Sweetness drifts from the fire
Childlike wonder remembered

daihatsu sandalwood product image