August 04, 2018

Listening to Baieido Kaiunkoh 開運香

If your dearest wish was for good fortune to shine upon your endeavors, you would pray fervently, enlisting the help of everything powerful and beneficial you could think of to come to your aid. Far from being subtle, you'd go big, bold, and full of passion in expressing your desire for good fortune to shine upon your future. In short, you'd do exactly what Baieido has done with Kaiunkoh.

Kaiunkoh roughly translates to "opening the door to good fortune incense". Baieido describes Kaiunkoh as "...spicy traditional incense infused with strong elements of Vietnamese Aloeswood, Borneol, Camphor, Cassia, Clove, and high quality Sandalwood." There is nothing subtle about Kaiunkoh. It's big, bold, and wonderfully aromatic in its pursuit of good fortune. From it's oversized square stick to its deep and earthy fragrance, Kaiunkoh doesn't just seek to open the door to good fortune, it kicks it in!

Kaiunkoh's stick note is luxurious, rich, and earthy. There is a slightly salty-sweetness to it resting upon a wonderful Aloeswood base. A clove note helps to give the stick a gentle bitter sweet quality that enhances the Aloeswood beneath, similar to a salt-water caramel, presenting a slight sweetness reminiscent to brown sugar. The stick itself is unusual in that it has a robust square shape - there's no delicate little round stick here! Kaiunkoh's robust squareness alludes to the latent power of the fragrance to come like a pile of lumber at a building site - pure potential about to come into existence!

Upon lighting, Kaiunkoh immediately makes its presence known. The deep Aloeswood notes are rich, spicy, and boisterous. The sweetness of the stick lessens, replaced with a slightly bitter overtly spicy texture, returning the saltiness experienced in the unlit stick. As the burn progresses a warm and pleasant feeling grows and fills even the largest space. Stern, protective, agile, and certain to make the little kids sit up straight, Kaiunkoh is like a supportive wise old uncle demanding the attention of the senses. The reward for this attention is an amazingly complex and deeply moving fragrance of spicy Aloeswood moderated by a silky smooth Sandalwood undertones. A warm autumnal feeling and the reflective nature this brings is strong with Kaiunkoh. This is a muscular incense, traditional in nature, and best suited for intentional energy work or reflection with a clear purpose - how better to attract good fortune?

The after-note, like everything about Kaiunkoh, is powerful and long lasting. The richness of the Aloeswood deepens and becomes more thought provoking in its warmth. The sweetness of the stick returns, mixing with the tangy saltiness experienced throughout, hinting at a salt-water caramel woody scent evocative of a fall breeze on a warm night. The ease at which this scent fills even large spaces is to be both appreciated and anticipated - very little is necessary for a small space to provide hours of fragrance. Long after the burn is complete, the slight tang of spicy Aloeswood remains.

There's an old proverb that says "Diligence is the mother of of good luck." After listening to Kaiunkoh, there is no doubt to the diligence imbued by Baieido in the creation of such a wonderfully auspicious fragrance. Due to this diligence, immense good fortune is the reward of Kaiunkoh's divine scent.

Awake, the mind in focus
Beyond the boundary dreams await
I give thanks for their arrival.