December 14, 2021

Japanese Incense for the New Year

One of the most important traditional holidays celebrated in Japan is O-Shogatsu お正月 - New Year. Traditionally in Shinto beliefs, Toshigami 年神 (New Year god) would enter the home on New Year's day, bringing good fortune with him. Everything is cleaned beforehand in anticipation of the kami's arrival, and no work is done as January 1st is considered auspicious - a day full of joy and freedom from stress, thus setting the tone for the entire of the year.

With this wonderful tradition in mind, celebrate the New Year with these auspicious Japanese incenses specifically selected to encourage good fortune and a prosperous New Year.

Nippon Kodo Tranquility Incense - Zuiun Select Aloeswood

Zuiun meaning "Good Fortune Cloud" - Incense with elegant Aloeswood fragrance from a deep and mellow blend of Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Benzoin, harmonized with a floral balsamic.

The floral balsamic gives a balsam fir presentation of fresh greens used to decorate for the New Year, with their consistent low, steady note blending with a deep, rich and earthy Aloeswood fragrance, giving the space a wonderfully woody aroma. The longer Zuiun is burned, the longer its bouquet of Aloeswood and fir continues to deepen and enrich the fragrant landscape, providing a warm and auspicious fragrance that permeates the space it gently fills.

Nippon Kodo Jinkō Juzan

Jinkō Juzan means Aloeswood "fortune mountain." Jinkō is noted as "graceful in nature, willowy in character, with a pinch of bitterness in mild taste" by old textbooks of Kōdō. In Jinkō Juzan, aloeswood, sandalwood, and aromatic spices are used generously to create an elegant and tasteful fragrance sure to start the new year with a mountain of good fortune.


Baieido Kaiunkoh 開運香 Incense

Kaiunkoh roughly translates to "opening the door to good fortune incense". Baieido describes Kaiunkoh as spicy traditional incense infused with strong elements of Vietnamese Aloeswood, Borneol, Camphor, Cassia, Clove, and high quality Sandalwood.

There is nothing subtle about Kaiunkoh. It's big, bold, and wonderfully aromatic in its pursuit of good fortune. From it's oversized square stick to its deep and earthy fragrance, Kaiunkoh doesn't just seek to open the door to good fortune, it kicks it in! With deep Aloeswood notes that are rich, spicy, and boisterous, tinged with the saltiness of Vietnamese Aloeswood, and an after-note that is powerful and long lasting, Kaiunkoh is an auspicious combination of woods and spices befitting an auspicious New Year!

Daihatsu Good Fortune Sandalwood Incense

Nearly every Japanese manufacturer has a recipe that highlights the warm creamy nature of a Sandalwood incense. Where Daihatu’s Good Fortune Sandalwood stands apart is the blend of woods used. Where the branch of the Sandalwood tree is most often used in incense, Daihatu’s Good Fortune Sandalwood incense focuses on the root to create a delightfully unique and decadent fragrance.

Rich, creamy, soft, and sweet, Daihatsu's Good Fortune Sandalwood is a wonderful mix of marshmallow, chocolate, and powdery soft notes creating the perfect incense S'more. Decadent and pleasurable, it easily brings childlike joy to a space by warming the heart of the listener, perfectly instilling the tone for a joyous New Year.

Daihatsu Golden Taganohana Incense

It is written that to offer gold to the Buddha is to see one's wishes fulfilled. Yet there is more to this practice than just superstitious wishing. By offering incense to honor the Buddha or in our daily rituals, we symbolically overcome our selfish wants and our pride by giving away something of value, establishing a mind of giving.

To make such offerings especially meaningful for the New Year, Daihatsu has created Golden Taganohana. To a combination of Aloeswood, Indian Sandalwood, cinnamon, star anise, and traditional spices, Golden Taganohana add flecks of luxurious gold. The sticks actually sparkle and shimmer in the light!

Golden Taganohana is perfect to commemorate the start of the New Year in an auspicious fashion.

Daihatsu Golden Bodaiju Incense

Similar to Golden Taganohana, Daihatsu provides the same luxurious gold flakes to its Bodaiju incense as well, creating Golden Bodaiju. To a combination of smooth select Aloeswood and aromatic ingredients, Golden Bodaiju add flecks of luxurious gold. The deep rich purple sticks actually sparkle and shimmer with gold, providing an luxuriously auspicious feeling for your New Year celebration even without burning!

Start your new year off with an auspicious gift of Golden Bodaiju.

From all of us at Kikoh Incense, here is wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, prosperous, and fragrant New Year!